Veterinary Technicians


Licensed Veterinary Technologist/Head Technologist

Andrea Heady, LVT

Annie began her career at TCVC in 1991 and became licensed in 1996. After working at the clinic for a few years, she worked at the Breathitt Lab, but later came back to TCVC as Head Technician. Though Annie is a outstanding in all she does at TCVC, her particular strength is in dentistry.

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Mallory Smithson, LVT

Mallory graduated from Murray State University in 2019 and joined TCVC in June of 2020. In her free time, she enjoys working with cattle on her family farm she grew up on, or spending time with her closest friends. 

 Veterinary Technician

Lora Lee Heady

Lora Lee has been a valued member of the Trigg County Veterinary Clinic since 2013.  After high school she attended Hopkinsville Community College were she obtained an Associates degree in Agriculture. She has worked in almost every position in the clinic and is now a student at Murray State University pursuing her degree in Animal Health Technology to become a licensed technician.